The BalanceMaster systemGain with no pain!

BalanceMaster™ does not challenge the aerobic system nor does it encourage the development of lactic acid, which means customers actually enjoy its use.

It carried none of the perceived barriers to exercise and allows the user to gain confidence to progress and to stay with their exercise programmes.

BalanceMaster™ provides progressive, safe, rhythmic movement patterns that improve joint mobility, proprioception and dynamic muscle stability for the lower limbs and pelvic regions.

"About 20 to 30 of our  squad routinely use BalanceMaster every day" Grant Downie, Head Physiotherapist. Middlesborough FC

This is achieved by a series of rotational stretching exercises involving eversion, inversion, plantarflexion and dorsiflexion of the ankle joints and simultaneous rotation of the hips about the sacroiliac joint.

The user progressively increases the angle of the inclination and rotary speed of the foot platform.

BalanceMaster™ has a growing application in health and fitness sites where it is used to improve balance – a key element of fitness now, quite rightly, assuming prominence in health club provision.

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