Exclusively Ladies Health Club

The BalanceMaster lower limb exerciser has helped transform the life of a 55 year-old member of Exclusively Ladies Health Club in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, who, after a six month fitness programme, has vastly improved her mobility and now exercises regularly.

Lindsay Green is Health Club Manager at Exclusively Ladies, and says busy lifestyles and a lack of confidence are possible reasons for around a fifth of women not doing enough exercise to be healthy. “The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation recently identified the fact that a quarter of women hate the way they look when they exercise. This isn’t surprising, as through our experience in our women-only gym, we know that women need an environment where they do not feel intimidated,” she says.

A BalanceMaster™ machine was installed at Exclusively Ladies five years ago, and Lindsay has found the machine, which aims to improve joint mobility, balance and dynamic muscle stability, to be of great benefit to the women at her gym. “Many ladies here get a great deal of benefit from using equipment that increases confidence, in addition to boosting mobility and general health,“ she says. “We have a slightly older clientele than a lot of other gyms, and know that some of the more mature ladies find the BalanceMaster™ especially useful, as it isn’t an intimidating piece of equipment; it is used very regularly.

“One lady, 55 year-old Laura Best, couldn’t stand up to put her trousers on when she first joined, and after about six months’ use, could do this easily – she now exercises regularly. Most people like to use the machine after their gym sessions, to help mobilise their hips and pelvis and stretch the lower limb muscles,” Lindsay concludes.

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