Lilleshall Sports Injury Rehab

Lilleshall Sports Injury Rehab in Shropshire has been using the BalanceMaster lower limb exerciser for seven years to treat a broad range of lower limb conditions.

Ankle sprains are the bane of footballers’ lives, and account for more than one in ten of their total injuries. The Football Association Medical Research Programme recommends that pre-season conditioning of the ankle and controlled rehabilitation are both key in promoting the long term fitness of players; a recommendation that Philip Newton, Physiotherapist and Lilleshall centre director, concurs with.

“Professional sportsmen frequently suffer from ankle and foot conditions, and may have poor joint position – this ‘body awareness’ is something that can be addressed with tailored training and therapy, along with ankle conditioning” Philip says.

“BalanceMaster™ exercises are inherently simple to teach and to perform,” explains Philip. “Consequently, our clients are quick to reach exercise proficiency, and the inherent exercise risks associated with using rehabilitation equipment are low,” he adds.

The BalanceMaster™ produces functional movement patterns that improve joint mobility and dynamic muscle stability for the lower limbs and pelvic regions; these can be either partial or full weight bearing. “In sub-acute and chronic conditions which exhibit joint stiffness, BalanceMaster™ exercise is well tolerated and effective at restoring mobility,” adds Philip.

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