The New Expressions health and fitness centre, Nottingham

The BalanceMaster lower limb exerciser has helped boost a stroke victim’s balance at a Nottinghamshire gym.

The New Expressions centre at Rushcliffe Arena recently refurbished its fitness suite, installing the BalanceMaster™ machine in the venue’s new, first floor fitness centre. “The machine is attracting a lot of interest within the general fitness environment, and a wider range of members are aware of its benefits,” says Fitness Instructor, Chris Ison.

The BalanceMaster™ machine provides rhythmical movement patterns that improve dynamic muscle stability for the lower limbs and pelvic regions, hence Chris has noted the machine’s popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts of all levels and ages. It has also been used for around six months by one gym member recovering from a stroke, whose left side was left with restricted movement. “The machine has helped the man improve his balance and offset some degree of his disability, as retraining stroke-damaged muscles and undertaking physical exercise are thought to help boost brain activity,” Chris explains.

“The new studio caters for all levels, from new members to experienced users, and the BalanceMaster™, as a progressive system, is appropriate for everyone, from athletes to beginners. Many of our members use it when they are approaching the cool-down period, to flex the ankle joints and gently mobilise the lower limbs,” he concludes.

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