Since the BalanceMaster™ was first installed, the range of applications for the machine have become more diverse.

It has been shown to be beneficial not only in the rehabilitation of stroke patients, but also in conditions such as Guillian Barré Syndrome, MS, Parkinson’s and in alleviating talipes, a condition commonly referred to as club foot.

According to national statistics, someone over 65 dies every 5 hours as a result of a fall and 40% of these in residential care homes. A touching example of the benefit of sessions on the BalanceMaster is the story of Victoria Watson who was born with the condition.
After suffering a number of operations, the first when she was just seven weeks old, being put in plaster for weeks at a time and wearing special shoes, Victoria still had problems with her feet. She was in pain when she walked and in winter her feet were permanently cold. In addition, one foot started to turn inwards again.

It was at that point that a friend of her father’s suggested she try kick boxing as a good form of exercise. Once she’d started going to the gym, her instructor told her about a friend of his, Peter Gardner, who had recently invented a new machine – the BalanceMaster™ (then called the Podiatron).

Victoria told her consultant about the machine and how it worked and was told that it may well help her and certainly wouldn’t cause any harm.

So, in October 1997, Victoria began using the BalanceMaster™. At first the machine hurt her legs a little but as time went on the pain disappeared and she managed to increase the angle of inclination of the machine’s rotational platform from five to 15 degrees.

Once she grew accustomed to the BalanceMaster™, she started using it more and more on the bad foot until by Christmas she was able to buy a pair of shoes that for the first time were the same size and proudly announce that she was ‘not last in races and able to play netball for the school team’.

Victoria is now able to live a full and active life with her friends. Her mother is delighted with Victoria’s progress and is said to be forever grateful to Peter Gardner for inventing the BalanceMaster™.

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