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…improving joint mobility, co-ordination and balance.

Improving mobility, co-ordination and muscle stability.

Balance is a key element of fitness. It puts muscular strength into functional use and should form part of everyone’s fitness programme.

Improved balance increases range of movement, ensures muscle groups are co-ordinated and enhances sporting performance.

  • Increase range of movement
  • Improve dynamic muscle stability
  • Build strength and power
  • Enhance spatial awareness
  • Reduce the risk of injury
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Current gym equipment is predominantly linear and does very little to improve this essential skill. In order to improve balance, out of balance situations need to be created to challenge the system which, with traditional methods, can lead to a fall or injury.

However, BalanceMaster™ provides a safe and progressive system to challenge balance for all abilities. Used in some of the UK’s leading sporting institutions, including:

  • Lilleshall Sports Injury & Human Performance Centre
  • Glasgow Rangers Football Club
  • The Birmingham Human Performance Laboratory
  • Loughborough University

BalanceMaster™ is appropriate for both athletes and beginners. It is simple to use, gives a therapeutic feel and has a small footprint. The machine has proved very reliable with many facilities having over 5 years of “call out free” service.

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