BalanceMaster launches ‘Community awareness programme’

BalanceMaster™ provides progressive, safe, rhythmic movement patterns that improve joint mobility, proprioception and dynamic muscle stability for the lower limbs and pelvic regions. Raising awareness to local communities through physiotherapists / falls prevention units / sports clubs and local GP’s is essential to supporting you.

Jason McMahonJason McMahon

National Sales Manager & European Business Development Manager

“There are so many cases where users would benefit from a controlled progressive training programme for lower limb mobility or rehabilitation that they just require access to our products. This in return draws potential new users to our customers not because of the latest products with touch screens and IPod connectivity but because of a key product that will assist their training / rehabilitation better than any other product on the market. Installing BalanceMaster will retain existing members and show the extreme care being offered to maintain their members’ activity and fitness, more effectively it will show potential new members -this is a club that actively looks after members’ health & wellbeing”.

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