Physiotherapist and centre director Philip Newton explains how Lilleshall Sports Injury & Human Performance Centre utilises BalanceMaster in their rehabilitation programmes.Balance Master

“We have been using the BalanceMaster for three years in our Sports Injury Rehabilitation Centre. The BalanceMaster has been used in the rehabilitation of a broad range of lower limb conditions and it has been most helpful when treating ankle and foot conditions where reduced mobility and poor joint position awareness need to be addressed.

BalanceMaster exercises are inherently simple to teach and to perform. Consequently our clients are quick to reach exercise proficiency and the inherent exercise risks are low.”

BalanceMaster™ produces a functional movement, which combines ankle and sub-talar ranges of movement (circumlocution). This can be either partial or full weight bearing.

In sub-acute and chronic conditions, which exhibit joint stiffness, BalanceMaster™ exercise is well tolerated and effective at restoring mobility.

For further information, please download our brochure in PDF format.

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