Guillain–Barré syndrome

Some of the most challenging impairments facing physiotherapists involved with Guillain-Barre sufferers are weakness, soft tissue shortening and sensory changes. Conventional rehabilitation included exercise programmes to increase the range of movement and to strengthen soft tissue and increase length. The BalanceMaster™ is designed to mobilize and strengthen ankles, knees, hips and back. A study was carried out to see if the BalanceMaster™ (podatrion) could be used as an adjunct to conventional physiotherapy for Guillain- Barre syndrome.

The study showed that use of the BalanceMaster™ increase soft tissue muscle length, in particular increasing the surface area of feet. The larger surface area enables the feet to better act as a base support. It was felt that further use of the BalanceMaster™ could improve length and mobility distally and may allow more effective use of the ankle strategy as a balance mechanism. The author concluded that the podiatron may be a useful adjunct to physiotherapy in similar patients lacking in posterior crucial muscles.

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