MS Therapy

BalanceMaster™ has been shown to serve a useful purpose in the MS Therapy Centre. Testimonials have been received from Physiotherapists at Sutton and Croydon Therapy Centre, Harrow MS Therapy and Coventry MS Therapy. Rosie Webber an MS suffer writes “It has improved my walking immensely, my ability and confidence in stair climbing and descending and strengthened my muscles as well.” A recent study by Cattaneo evaluated the effects of balance retraining in a sample of people with Multiple Sclerosis. The study designed consisted of two experimental groups and one control group. Both experimental groups received balance rehabilitation, group 1 to improve motor and sensory strategies and group2 to improve motor strategy. The results revealed statistically significant improvements of balance confidence in both experimental groups and near statistical significance in pre-post scores for both groups when assessed by dynamic gait index.

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