Sports Injury Clinics

BalanceMaster has been used by many physiotherapy professionals
around the UK to successfully treat a number of lower limb injuries
in a controlled and progressive way.

The BalanceMaster systemBiMAL Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Clinic

“The BalanceMaster has proved to be an effective adjunct to the rehabilitation of lower limb and pelvic injuries in our patients. The machine has facilitated the recovery of these conditions by numerous therapeutic effects.”

Alan Watson M.C.S.P. S.R.P. Director BiMAL Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Clinic

Glasgow Rangers FC

In football, the BalanceMaster™ is finding increasing application in rehabilitation work:

“Injuries to the ankle in football are frequent. So we have found the BalanceMaster extremely useful in treating the squad. I would say about 20 to 30 of the squad routinely use the machine every day. The machine manages to perfom three jobs at once – passive mobilisation, active  mobilisation and re-education of movement. That’s a great asset.” Grant Dowie, Head physiotherapist at Middlesbrough FC Lilleshall Hall Sports Injury Rehabilitation Centre

The Rehabilitation Centre utilises the BalanceMaster™ to treat sports-related injuries, particularly in the lower limbs. Physiotherapist and director of the centre, Philip Newton, finds the machine invaluable when treating professional sportsmen and women:

“Many professional footballers come to us after surgery on the ankle and need considerable work to reduce the resulting stiffness. The BalanceMaster is appropriate because it allows stretching exercises while in weight-bearing mode – something
that is essential for the rapid rehabilitation of the ankle, which is designed to work under load. The treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures and ligament reconstruction is also greatly assisted by sessions on the BalanceMaster
. The preordained-way the BalanceMaster moves is great for helping those with ligament injuries, as it helps them regain balance and ease stiffness in a way that is much better than the traditional wobble board.”

Birmingham Human Performance Laboratory

Professional athletes from a variety of sports have been treated on the BalanceMaster™ at the Birmingham Human Performance Laboratory. Mike Garmston, consultant physiotherapist to the British Athletic and Olympic teams, believes it has been successful in their treatment programmes.

“We use the BalanceMaster extensively on all the professional sportsmen and sportswomen who come to us for treatment. It is good for rehabilitating ligament injuries of the knee as well as injuries to the ankle, and as an aid to proprioception. We see a number of elite sports people who come to us after reconstruction surgery and the BalanceMaster is an integral part of their treatment regime as well.”

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